Part 2: You’ve Chosen Your Contractor…Now What?

Congratulations! You’ve chosen your home renovation contractor, a key step in transforming your home into your dream space. But what comes next? Here’s a helpful guide to set your expectations and ensure a smooth renovation process.

1. Understand the Power of Trusted Teams:

Your contractor’s team is not only highly skilled but also finely-tuned to work together efficiently. Introducing new personnel, such as your preferred plumber or electrician, could disrupt this well-oiled machine. Trust in the expertise and experience of your contractor’s network. They are equipped to handle the project at hand and can ensure a seamless workflow.

2. Scope of Work:

Contractors provide accurate quotes based on the agreed scope of work. However, renovations often uncover unforeseen issues. Should this happen, your contractor will suggest necessary changes. Remember, they’re on your side and their ultimate goal is to deliver a home that exceeds your expectations.

3. Contractor Fees:

Contractor fees, typically within the range of 10-20%, are designed to ensure superior service. While it may be tempting to negotiate these fees, consider the value behind them. This markup not only maintains their business operations but also guarantees you top-quality service.

4. Your Vision:

Remember, your contractor is there to realize YOUR vision, not theirs. They’re experts in construction, but you’re the expert of your home. Set clear, detailed expectations from the start, and let them excel at what they do best. Your input is crucial in guiding the contractor towards creating the home you’ve always wanted.

5. Challenges:

Renovation is a complex process, and challenges are part of the journey. Success isn’t about avoiding problems but handling them effectively. Maintain open and clear communication with your contractor about any concerns or questions. They’re there not just to build, but also to help navigate any bumps along the way.

In conclusion, trust in the expertise of your chosen contractor and their team, understand the reasoning behind the fees, and communicate your vision clearly. Remember, your contractor is a partner in this journey. With a positive mindset and effective collaboration, you’ll soon be enjoying your newly renovated home. Happy renovating!